How We Operate

We develop projects in Mozambique and Guinea-Bissau

ATACA’s projects aim to contribute to the eradication of poverty by improving education and development opportunities for children and young people from vulnerable contexts. You can find out more about our projects here and here.

We always work in partnership with local entities

Local entities – schools, universities, reception centers or others – are the basis of ATACA’s performance, playing a fundamental role in the selection of children and young people to support through our projects, as they have greater knowledge about the context in which we are going to intervene. Thus, ATACA volunteers in the field select and monitor the beneficiaries of the projects together with those responsible for schools, orphanages and other social or educational responses where the association is accompanying children and young people.

We are committed to providing close monitoring to children and young people over several years

ATACA’s experience of more than a decade of intervention with vulnerable children and youth in Mozambique has shown us that more important than providing educational opportunities is to closely monitor the educational and personal development path of the beneficiaries of our projects. Many of the children and young people that ATACA supports live in orphanages or belong to households that, for the most varied reasons, are unable to carry out this monitoring or convey the importance of investing in education. On the other hand, many of the beneficiaries of our projects take care of their families or work when they are not at school, leaving little time and energy to study. It is precisely here that it can make all the difference to have someone motivate and guide your educational and personal journey. We try to play this role and guarantee a follow-up over several years, until study cycles are concluded. At ATACA we know the names of the children and young people we support by heart and are concerned with the direction their lives are taking.