Long Distance Tutoring Project


This Project aims to mobilize Portuguese citizens to become tutors of a less fortunate child or young adult (from 2 to 21 years old) for a minimum period of 1 year, committing to finance their monthly expenses, which include:

– Food

– Clothes

– Health

– Education  


This project’s interventions follow a set of fundamental principles:

– Regarding the child or young adult

– Provide basic needs for food, health, education and clothing

– Guarantee the most complete academic and professional training possible

– Guarantee correct monitoring, in order to insure social, cultural and moral integration, thus contributing to a self-sufficient future

– Support projects that aim to improve the living conditions of the child, his/her family, and the surrounding community (construction of latrines, water wells, housing improvements, etc.)

– Guarantee the child’s development as an active member of society

– Regarding the tutor:

– Become more aware of cultural and social disparities and challenges and contribute in a more active way to minimize them.

– Adopt a moral responsibility towards the child, in addition to financial support.  

Our Long-Distance Tutoring Project interventions can be developed through different modalities (Total or educational) and children or young adults can receive support in different contexts:

– Orphanages or homes

– School institutions

– School reinforcement or day centers  



Tutors will financially support, on a monthly basis, the children or young adults covered by this project, who live in Mozambique or Guinea-Bissau, the countries where ATACA currently operates.

Additionally tutors are encouraged to write letters to the child they are helping, which will be delivered by our volunteers. In return, ATACA provides all kinds of information about the child and his/her progress.  

The information provided includes:

– Personal history and Identification document

– Letters and drawings

– Photographs

– School grades  

In addition, the following might also be available:

– children’s videos

– Group activities and photos  

The information is updated, whenever possible, every trimester, and our volunteers, both in Africa and in Portugal, are responsible for gathering, processing and sending this information.